Artificial insemination in chickens, call me crazy!

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Goodness, I'm slightly surprised at myself that I'm making this post lol! 😝 I plan on starting a small flock business next spring selling bantam and standard chicks. I'm very excited, and have started thinking about 2 different breeding projects I want to try out. A Cornish X, Barred Rock cross is why I'm asking.
I have two hens who I want to breed with a BR rooster, but a friend of mine, (who is doing the breeding with me,) kept a Cornish X cockerel to breed with her Asian black hen. It's too late now for her to keep a hen, since she didn't separate one and its butcher time. I'm starting to realize that breeding him may be a problem for obvious reasons. 😆
So, I read an article talking about AI. It said that some Turkey and Cornish X breeders use AI to get purebreds since they can have a hard time getting good fertility. I read an article about the process, and it didn't sound impossible, but definitely not simple. I'm wondering if any of the breeders on here have experience with it.
If you do have experience, is it something that I could safely experiment with and not hurt anyone, or is it something you have to be experienced with to attempt? I would be willing to try it for sure, it sounds like an interesting experiment. How difficult is it? Does it badly impact the chickens in any way, or could I hurt them if done wrong? Thanks for any suggestions, I'm interested to hear your responses.
I have not tried AI yet, but will be trying it out eventually. I ordered mini Pipettes for semen collection from the roosters, I choose to cross with a specific hen(LF X Bantam), type breeding.

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