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Discussion in 'Quail' started by jaybeeson18, Nov 7, 2014.

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    Sep 24, 2014
    what lighting do I need for quails to lay eggs in winter? I've got a normal light bulb 45w on ATM 14 hours a day is that ok??? And what about bantoms? What do they need to lay as well

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    You need full spectrum lighting for the best production. GE makes a nice bulb and its not more expensive then regular bulbs. Read the packaging you do not have to go to a special store just Walmart or other big store. There are several brands of good bulb.
  3. Most poultry prefers a 'warm' (orange/yellow) light for optimum egg production something in about the 2700K-3000K range... A full spectrum is 6500K and has a more 'blue' cast... I prefer the cool white full spectrum lights and use them throughout my house, but I do use 2700K lights for my coop lighting just because studies show it to be more beneficial...

    This article although suggest that quail might benefit more from green, but note that they still tend to benefit more from the 'warm' yellow/red colors vs blue...

    IMO the difference probably isn't enough for most to care, but science shows light color does have an effect...
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    A color temp of 6300 to 6500 is more like natural lighting, and allows them to produce correct quantities of vitamin D. The cooler color temps are more in the red spectrum and will have a more calming effect on the birds. They will be fine under either one, but my birds really seem to like the full spectrum 6300 lights that I run.

  5. I won't argue that 6500K is more like natural light, in fact it's pretty much exactly the color of sunlight at the equator, at high noon, on a clear day mid summer...

    But, scientific study after scientific study of birds egg production shows other colors of light outside 'full spectrum - 6500K' result in higher egg production...

    For chickens it appears the warm lights are of the highest benefit, while the above study I linked to suggest green tints might even be more beneficial for quail...

    I won't argue that either will work, and find it odd that 6500K isn't the most beneficial color but study after study suggest it isn't...

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