As I let my many neighbors to the East know thars a bear about they have taken as many precautions

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    Jul 9, 2013
    Osteen Florida
    East of me is a giant subdivision, 5-15 acre parcels loaded with all kinds of critters
    including an alligator farm and every kind of aviary site you can shake a stick at !
    No kiddin my best friend lives on "Chicken Farm Road" the equine populace far
    exceed the Fowl census but the word is OUT. A first for every ones memory, a
    black bear.Sooner or later he will raid the wrong coop. As some put it SSS,this
    is O'steen where people dress and process meat. I guess Yogi will be frozen
    burger before long, Keep in mind the itty bitty Deer here are almost fat free !
    In fact beef of pork fat must be ground in with meat so it does not crumble when
    cooked.Truth trumps fiction here. RR

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