ASAP.. Help Please,Put "ALL" Eggs in Incubator??

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    Today I got an Incubator but, I have 11 duck eggs in my house for approx. 1 & 1/2 weeks(under a light, warm, been turning them). Some of the eggs are at lease 2 weeks old(I think). I pretty much have them marked. But, 3 eggs out of those11 are white/ from a different duck(2 used same nest). Now, outside in the nest is 5 more white eggs (I been marking them each day) today I seen the female Golden Cascade sitting on nest only for 1 min. or so.( Now total 8 white eggs for her).. *DO I PUT ALL WHITE EGGS BACK IN THE NEST?? *DO I PUT ONLY THE EGGS THAT ARE IN MY HOUSE, IN THE INCUBATOR? or..* DO I COLLECT THE (5) EGGS FROM THE NEST & PUT THEM IN INCUBATOR ALSO?? That would be a Total of 16 Eggs in Incubator.. But... She might "not" be done laying her eggs.? ~Please, what should I do? Thanks, Julie
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    At some point in time you have to turn on the incubator, put the eggs in and then that's that.

    The longer you wait with the eggs that are in the house, the less likely they'll hatch.

    Eggs that are waiting to hatch should indeed be turned but should be kept at 50 degrees.

    Good luck.
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    Turn on your bator and set them all tonight. Then in 16 days start collecting new eggs. A hen is never "done" laying eggs, til she is about 5-6 years old. Then when these hatch, you can set the eggs you have collected and then 16 days later you can start collecting again. Come back and report to us when you have reach the all hallowed chicken mark of 100.
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    THANKS for the Speedy Responses.. Very Helpful! [​IMG] I'm sure I'll be back real soon with more ?? lol.. Thanks Again, Julie
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    Quote:Julie. P U T T H E E G G S I N T H E B A T O R!!!!
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    Quote:Just some questions? What difference does it make whether she's done laying her eggs or not? Can't you just put the number of eggs you want to hatch in the incubator and eat the rest? Is the duck broody? If so why not just let her hatch her own eggs? What difference does it make which duck laid the eggs? Why are you taking her eggs? If they are fertile can't you just hatch them anyways? Aren't there books on raising Ducks just like there are for chickens that will tell you how to incubate Duck eggs? Wouldn't that tell you how long you can hold Duck eggs for incubation before they aren't any good?

    I don't have ducks but DW and I have talked about having a pond dug, so it sorta interests me.


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