Ascites, Liver Failure...what is it?

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10 Years
Nov 9, 2009
Hawthorne, CA
My beautiful Jersey Giant, Parsley, has taken ill the past 24 hours. Last night between 3-6pm, she all of a sudden lost most color in her comb and wattles. She was weak and doddling just abit around and had just passed fluorescent green droppings. When I picked her up, she was swollen between her legs. I brought her inside and kept vigil all night. She made it through the night and seemed perkier today. She had alittle more color to her comb and wattles, her poops were normal looking and in amount, she was eating some grass and even managed to catch and eat a large junebug. She seemed less weak and overall much better than the night before. I took her to the vet and the vet felt between her legs and noted a small amount of swelling, it was loose not firm. Her organs felt fine and because she laid the day prior, said she was probably not egg bound.
Now, Parsley, I believe has been hosting mites or lice because she was always itching her head and earlobes. The vet pulled a feather and really inspected her and said she could not see anything. Also noted was that she has broken feathers along the front and side of her neck and high chest. My girl stays with a BO, Saffron, and they get along well. Parsley has never been wormed so the vet gave her almost .10 of a dose of ivermectin. She said the medicine will kill any biting insects and quite a few types of internal parasites.
Because of the slight swelling, she also put per on Baytril, 22.7 mg twice a day for 10 days. Parsley has an appetite and is walking around much better.

It has been suggested that she could have peritonitis from an egg. Doubtful as I think she would be on death's door right now. Would Baytril cure the infection if it is peritonitis?

Could Parlsey be breaking her feathers because she doesn't like the other 2 chickens I EEs, are kept separate but one does like to harrass her when they are all out in the backyard.

My vet said to keep her inside for at least one more night, give her the Baytril in her favorite treat, clean water and plenty of sleep. An x-ray will be performed after her dose of antibiotics are over to pinpoint if she is egg bound or God Forbid...a tumor.

What do you think? What could cause my girl to go down so quickly only to start rebounding as quickly?
Not sure what it is but sorry your hen is ill, hope she makes it through!
Thanks Sham for the well wishes. I am still holding out hope for her. Today she looks much better. Her comb, wattles and face are turning red again and is more active. She has eaten more food (some mash, Greek yogurt, hb egg, tomato) and is drinking her vitamin laced water. She was outside eating grass and bugs and dust bathing. If I can get her Baytril into her by tonight I will be so much relieved. She is only 1.5 years old and my Chicken lovey...she is so sweet and gentle.

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