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    I just finished my second hatch with my LG incubator. Each time I've hatched about 50% of the eggs. This time I added a fan and an auto-turner AND used my own fertile eggs. I was also able to do a better job at candling since most of the eggs were lighter. I guess I expected a better hatch.

    Question: Should I expect all of the little guys to hatch if they're still alive at lock down?

    Question: Each hatch I've had SEVERAL fully formed chicks that simply don't pip (close to half!). I've read this could be a result of the humidity being too high. I've always read that the humidity needs to be high, so I end up putting lots of water in my incubator. It was probably too high, wasn't it?

    Question: I noticed this time that one side of my incubator tended to be around 101-102 and the other ran a little under 99. It seemed to coincide with rotation of the egg turner. Some chicks started cheeping on day 19 and hatching on day 20. Then a second group started pipping & hatching late on day 21 and finished on day 22. They distinctly hatched in two separate groups! The first chick was very NOISY (I read high temps) and second group were more mushy and slower going (I read low temps & high humidity).

    Could my incubator be running hot on one side and low on the other? OR Is it possible that the outside eggs had higher temperatures when they were up by the elements and the more inside eggs had lower temperatures? Or would excessive humidity cause some chicks to hatch later?

    Finally, is it possible to get these issues under control with a LG and have better hatches?

    Thanks for your help! [​IMG]

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