Asparagus help?


8 Years
Mar 25, 2015
SW Pennsylvania
I'm getting some asparagus roots from my uncle next weekend. This will be my first time putting in an asparagus bed. Anyone have any tips or tricks I should know?
I can tell you all the things I've done wrong: Plant too closely together, plant them where they can be encroached upon by other perennials. Not keep them well weeded or well mulched. I love asparagus, but due to not having the space to dedicate to a well tended bed, have not been successful growing it.
My uncle is the asparagus king of our family. He's donated crowns to my mother my aunts and my cousin. He's going to help me space them and put them in. I have a 4x8 raised bed that I'm going to work over real well this week with compost and my uncle recommended adding some peat moss. I think I might pick up some straw to mulch them real well. It's going to be my big project this year. I did find the article above very helpful.

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