Assorted hatching eggs for sale--Utah

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    May 29, 2008
    I have eggs coming out my ears and no more space in the 'bator. I have 6 BR hens (from a breeder, not a hatchery), 6 mutt hens in one pen. 3 of the mutts are EE. They had a BO, and several BR roos in their pen until a couple of weeks ago, since then have only had BR. I have had great fertility from this pen.

    In my other pen (if you're interested) I have 3 EE pullets, 1 BO mix pullet, 2 white frizzled cochins (bantam), 2 white silkies (from a hatchery but have blue ears, 5 toes, vaults and beards) and 1 blue silkie hen (also bearded, 5 toes, blue ears). Any number of fathers possible as I have only had them separated from the boys for a couple of weeks and I had an infiltration last week. I haven't tried hatching their eggs yet because I have had bators full of geese and ducks since shortly after they started laying.

    As many eggs as will fit a medium flat-rate box (at least 18, probably more like 24) $16 shipped. To mail out Wednesday afternoon. Will wrap in bubble wrap and packing peanuts. You can specify standards or bantams as a preference for the majority of eggs.

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