At 10weeks old it’s safe to say he is a boy😆


5 Years
Aug 5, 2018

His crown currently stands at 3.5cm (about an inch and a half), any guesses on how big that thing is going to get???
What a beauty! We have nine chicks, around seven weeks old. So far it seems we have all girls. Are you able to keep a rooster?
Thanks! Yes i can keep roosters. He is actually the son of my current white leghorn rooster, crossed with a barred rock mother. I enjoy having a rooster around to protect the flock and so I can incubate my own eggs…well as long as he is well behaved. I don’t keep roosters that become aggressive to people.
awww, what an amazing cross, will definitely look into it in the future.
Yeah, so far this is the only chick I’ve hatched that looks like this. I have a mixed flock and all the other chicks I’ve gotten from my leghorn roosters have been solid white so I usually haven’t been able to tell who the mom is. I think this little dude is pretty cool though.

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