At 7:30 pm they were fine and playing at 9 pm they were shivering


Nov 10, 2015
My room is warm, the pen has blankets down, and a heating box to come sit on should their lil feet get cold, I don't understand why they were warm at 7:30 but cold at 9. I do put them away for bedtime, maybe I need to put them away at 8.

Yes, I let them play as long as they're warm, I dont see why not to.
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Are these chicken chicks you're talking about? How old are they?
They need an area about 90F the first week and lower it about 5F per week.
The whole space doesn't need to be that temperature but they need a spot to warm up.
It isn't their feet that need to be warmed, it is their whole body. Usually people provide the heat from above like a mother hen does.
Heat lamp, ceramic emitter or an ecoglow type hover brooder.

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