At least 12 hrs since pip and nothing! PLEASE ADVISE!!!

I would wait at least 24 hours before attempting to help. I had one that pipped and only half zipped then nothing. I had two more that pipped after her hatch. I chipped a little away at first to pop the top and could see she was stuck. She had dried in the egg and was struggling to get free. I then carefully took her to the bathroom and with the help of a pair of tweezers and warm wash rag chipped and wiped away the shell and membrane stuck to her. She was fully developed. There was no blood at all. I guess either humidity was too low or she took to long to come out. I put her back in the bator to dry and regain some strength before transferring her to the brooder. She is seemingly healthy and happy now.
I agree. After the pip, the chicks rest and convert to pulmonary respiration. This time is crucial for them. I would not consider assisting unless a pip went 24 hours with no further action.

Good luck!
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Thanks everyone! I've been really stressed throughout this whole incubation. Temps and humidity levels were never consistent although I struggled more with humidity than with temps. I'll let ya'll know what happens.
I'm so sorry to hear that
Thank sure is hard to lose them. I'm gonna clean and move my bator to a room that has no windows and try again. I just don't think I'll be so willing to help next time. I helped one of my silkie girls last year and she's fine, although smaller than the other two.

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