At what age can chicks fly?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by littledon, Nov 13, 2012.

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    My chicks are one week old today. I moved them out of the bedroom closet and into the shop. They were on newspaper and now on pine shavings. They are picking up the wood like they are trying to eat eat it, but they are going to the feeder and eating (first day to see the feeder). Light is maintaining 95 degrees under the light. Am wondering when I need to put wire over the top so they don't fly


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    As soon as those little wing feathers are out they are going to try them out. I've heard some amazing chick flying stories here. Better cover the top of your brooder, just in case!
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    And I'd lower the temp some too. They don't look like they really have a place to get away from the heat if needed. If they are overheated and can't cool down, they can die. Lower the temp to around 85-90. I don't use temperatures, I just watch the chicks. If they are all spread out and/or panting, they are too hot. If they are peeping loudly and piling on top of each other, they are too cold. Just right is quieter cheeps and sleeping near each other.

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