At what age do ducks reach full size?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chicken pickin, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Mar 3, 2012
    Just as the title states Id like to know when will my ducks reach full size. I have 3 hatchery ducks from TSC 1 Silver Appleyard Drake(might be mixed breed) 1 Blue Swedish Duck and 1 Blue Fawn Rouen. In all my research I have gathered that these 3 breeds do night fly, or not very well. But My 3 fly rather well and go out on flying adventures daily. They are 5 months old. Is their smaller size due to hatchery stock or maybe they haven't fully grown yet?
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    I have heard others say their Swedes fly never heard of a Rouen flying they are usually not built for it but maybe it is hatchery stock and that could be the difference. As for Silver Appleyards never seen anyone post about them flying but at 5 months they haven't gotten their adult size yet or weight. My Muscovy drake is about as tall as his dad at only 3.5 months old and if I hadn't clipped his wings he'd be flying along with his 2 sisters. But his adult size won't come as far as weight till he's between 6 months to 1year. If you are worried about them flying off and getting lost or landing in some ones back yard that has a dog then I'd clip a wing on each duck.

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