At what age do I move my chicks from the brooder pen to coop with the mature hens?


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I have several chicks in three different brooder pens. They are between the ages of 2-5 weeks old. Are of different sizes as well. Mostly larger breeds but I do have 2 bantums. At what age can I move my little ones into the coop with the mature hens? My brooders are full and I have eggs in the bator that should be hatching anytime. I will need a place for them. Are my 5 week old chicks old enough to be moved in with the mature hens or should I put my new turkey babies in with the 2 week old chicks?
I Do not let mine go in with the others until they are larger and can better defend for them selves .. And even then I stand watch worried . But havent had any serious problems after 12 weeks .. I now have a coop I keep my Juniors in where I have A Chicken wire divider .. for safety .. I like to think it makes final introduction easier : )
I have no other place to put the new ones besides the brooder. Would you combine the new turkey babies and the 2 week old chicks or would you combine the 4 week old chicks and the 5 week old chicks? (2 bantums in with the 4 week old chicks) The 5 week old chicks are much larger than the 4 week old chicks. But will the 2 week old chicks be too big to put the new turkey chicks in with?
from what i read you will can put themin a a coop but seprate them so the older ones get used to seeing the babys and then slowly intraragte them. im new to this chicken thinkg but if you go to some of the older post thats what most recomend
I have put chicks of different ages together. As long as they aren't overcrowded they seem to do fine. I do keep an eye out just in case.
My brooder is in the coop so the older ones do see the chicks, but the brooder is hanging on the wall so the older ones can't peck at them through the wire. I think I will put my 4 and 5 week old chicks together so the turkey poults won't be bullied by the 2 week old chicks.

Thanks for your help!
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