At what age do the roos..


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start to fight each other? I have two st. run banties that are butting chest's at least once a day. I would think this is more of a roo thing, but could be wrong.
Maybe its just pecking order, but I think it might be more.. I will try to record it a little later with my phone to show everyone. But the two will sorta 'face off' and then start butting their chests together and then one will start chasing the other. This goes on for a min or two. Then they calm down and go about their business. Ive never really seen the other 4 chicks do it, just the same two.

Whatcha think?

Edited to add:

Forgot to tell the age, theyre just now one week old.
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They start chest-butting and chasing each other around at a young age. As they get older they start puffing out their neck feathers and staring each other down. Mine didn't start to really fight until 19 or 20 weeks, and even then it wasn't too bad.
But more than likely these two are roos?
I was
that they would be hens.
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All my bantams do that and majority are hens. They start chest bumping and establishing pecking order by 1 to 2 weeks old. I was worried these last 6 were all roos at first but now I'm 99% sure only 2 are. How much they fight will depend on breed and individuals.
Chest bumping doesn't have anything to do with them being roosters. It's just a way for the chicks to establish a pecking order. I've seen my RIR and BR do it and I ordered them as pullets from Ideal. I also have straight run silkies and sebrights. The sebrights do it the most, but it is NOT just a roo thing.
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Chest bumping is not just a male thing (human or not). My hens do it all the time. These chickens are strange little things. They chest bump and then go dirt bathe. It's their way of having fun, I guess. Pretty darned funny to watch. My babies are doing it all night long. Not so fun.

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