Ate a boiled egg...


9 Years
Oct 25, 2012
Brewer, Maine
My girls are about 25 weeks old and still not laying. So last weekend I thought maybe if I put a boiled egg, instead of a wooden egg in their laying boxes, maybe that might give them a better clue. Yesterday, when I was cleaning their coop, I noticed one of them gone and today, I found a piece of the egg and shell. I'm wondering if now, I may have introduced them to a bad habit?
I wouldn't worry yet.

Just put some golf balls or something hard in there that isn't edible. For egg eaters some fill eggs with mustard (removing the egg contents first) but I don't think you are there yet.

You might try 14 hours of light in the coop if you can do it safely to promote egglaying this time of year.
Thanks for the reassurance. They now have their wooden eggs back in place, again. I've also been using lighting in their coop, so they have light for about 14 hrs. I read something in another post about them "squatting" when they are about ready to lay. What does this mean? One of my girls did that tonight, when I closed them in for the night.

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