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The last baby to hatch has the cord still attached, as well as a glob of red stuff at the end of it, and the shell. I'll be moving the rest of the batch to the brooder as soon as I get home from work, since they are all fluffed out. I was going to keep the last baby in the incubator until the cord/stuff dries up. Is that the best thing to do? I don't want to touch him or the hatch debris, I'm afraid he's not 'closed up' yet.

Is it OK to open the bator to get the others out? I don't want them to peck at this chick. Thanks!
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If they were mine, I would open the bator and take them all out but him/her and let the yolk sac absorb alittle more...then tomorow put him in with the others... it should be dried well by then...
That's what I just did. All the babies are in the brooder, happily pecking at yummies, and the baby with the cord is still in the incubator. Now he can get some rest and finish drying off. I was able to pick the egg shell from him, it was only dried onto his fluff. I also snipped the cord off real close to the egg; that part was already dry. The red blob is getting smaller. He's sleeping a lot, though. Moves around, but is mainly sleeping. Opened his eyes a few times. I hope he makes it.

Thanks so much for your guidance!
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One of mine had what sounds like the same thing hanging off of it in my last hatch. I did just what you're doing, then when the cord dried up pretty well I snipped it off close to the chick with sterile scissors and put her in the brooder - she's now 3 weeks old and is doing beautifully.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Yes, she was. At first I wasn't sure she was going to thrive, but I think it's just that she maybe hatched a tiny bit early and needed a little while to finish absorbing what she needed from the umbilical cord, etc. After it dried up she still slept quite a bit for a while, then she jumped up and started acting like all the other fuzzies and I haven't had any problems with her since.

Hope all goes well with your little one.

I'm really concerned. This chick is completely dry but its fluff is totally matted. I don't even know how it could ever fluff out. It's still breathing and if I touch it, it cheeps. I don't know if it will make it, though. How will the fluff get un-plastered? The sac fell off, it has a bit of cord left. Should I move it to the brooder or keep it in the incubator? It's still unable to really move very much. Just laying on its side, eyes seems glued shut. I tried to moisten them and it will open them for a few seconds, but that's about it. HELP!!
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