Attaching chicken wire to concrete floor


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May 20, 2012
Hello. This is my first time on the forums and I have never owned chickens before. We are converting an old dog kennel to a chicken run that will eventually have a coop inside of it. It is roughly 10' x 8' and 6' high. It is built on a concrete slab and has a metal roof. We have wrapped the entire enclosure with chicken wire. All we have left to do is make a door and to secure the chicken wire running along the floor. Does anyone know a cheap and easy trick to do make the bottom of the run secure? Thanks.
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I believe there are bolts that are designed for drilling into concrete. You might try tucking the bottom end of the chicken wire under a piece of treated or painted 2"X4", securing the chicken wire to the bottom of the 2"X4" and then bolting the 2"X4" into the concrete.

However, according to the experts on this forum, chicken wire is great for keeping chickens IN, but will not keep a predator or a neighbor dog OUT. After reading their advice, I went back and reinforced the bottom 3 feet of my chicken run with 1/2" hardware cloth. We live in the Colorado mountains where there are all kinds of predators, and the only chicken I've lost in the 12 months I've had them was to a bobcat, but that was while the chickens were out free-ranging.
They make a "nail gun" that used, essentially, .22 blanks to drive special nails through lumber into concrete, I think. Not really a gun, you hit ot with a hammer to fire it. You should be able to rent one ay a local rental center. They should have the nails and charges.
Easier than drilling a lot of holes in concrete for anchor bolts, in my opinion.
Well I guess I should mention I live in a subdivision only a mile or so from city limits, so there aren't as many natural predators around here. I'm sure there might be an occasional raccoon or opossum, but anything worse than that is unlikely. I think cats will probably be the biggest problem. I will only be getting hens though. I appreciate the suggestions. Although I'm not afraid to shoot a firearm, something about those cement penetrating .22 blanks goes against every bone in my body. not sure if I can bring myself to do that. The dog run is not bolted down either. It is made of 8 (fairly rotten) 4" x 4" posts with a roof in decent condition. It looks Hummingbird might have the best approach for my situation. I wonder if I could just strap some 2" X 4" 's between the 4" X 4" 's, and attach the wire to that. Granted it won't be too strong, but it might suffice keeping most things out. We also plan on getting a dog soon, so that will be added security.
Are you trying to attach the wire to the side of the slab or to the top of the slab? I would use a combination of washers and "Tapcons" (concrete screws). The washers should be large enough to not go through the holes in the wire (Id assume you would need fender washers). If you are attaching the wire to the top of the slab, then I would do the same and then get a 2x4 to anchor on top of the wire for additional support.

I hope that makes sense. If not, I can draw up a diagram of what I am talking about.
Don't discount the damage a raccoon can do if it gets into your coop, they can be quite lethal to chickens and are quite clever when it comes to finding a way in.
Thanks Brad. I am trying to attach to the top of the concrete. Your suggestions are very helpful. I'm not 100% on what you are saying, but I think once I get into it it will become more clear. Thanks.
Bolt a piece of treated lumber down then attach the fence to it. Tapcons work fine, you will need a masonry drill bit in the correct size.

Raccoons are one on the best reasons to use hardware cloth, along with stray dogs.

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