Attaching Fencing


13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Looking for input... are most of you attaching the fencing on your run to the inside or outside of your run framing?
I was planning outside for sake of ease, but am thinking that the inside might be more esthetically pleasing.
Thoughts? What have you all done?
Outside here, using screws and washers. More predator resistant that way.

It won't look pleasing after the first week anyway, they are messy little devils!

Oh, and don't use chicken wire - it's for keeping chickens in, not predators out.
Yeah. I'm using 1/2" hardware cloth for the bottom 3', then 2"x3" wire fencing for the top 3'. Attaching with staple gun to place then securing with washers and screws.

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