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I am looking at building a coop/run in the next week. The run will be 6x12 with a 6x4 raised run so that there is a 2-foot space below the coop. I am planning on a shed roof using panels. My question is which way do most people attach the wire to their run, horizontally or vertically. I am planning on a 30" spacing for my studs but if the wire should be run vertically, I will have to adjust it to 24" to ensure that the wire i use can reach between the studs. Any info on the best way to run the wire is appreciated.
I would go with the easiest way for you. It, (IMO), does not make a difference. I would suggest if you are having a raised coop, that you wire the bottom in as well. And also run your run walls down into the ground and out 9-12 inches as well. It needs to be predator proof. Good luck
If you run the wire horizontally, you'll either have to build horizontal supports at the width of your wire (to have something to attach the wire to), or you'll have to splice the pieces of wire with loxit rings or some such thing, which is not as secure as attaching it to wood. How high is your run, and what's the width of your wire? If the height of your run is not in a multiple of the width of your wire, you'll have to cut the wire horizontally (if you're running it horizontally), and that can be a real pain. I cut the wire I use by hand, and I always get awful blisters and a sore thumb joint by the end of the day. I try to plan to use wire in ways that will limit the number of cuts I have to make.

When I built my runs, I used 48" wide wire and contructed separate 48" wide panels, attaching the wire vertically to the panel. Then I screwed the panels together to form the run.
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My run is 8 foot in the front and 7 foot in the back. I have not bought wire yet but am looking at using 24" or 36" wire and setting my vertical supports 2 or 3 foot apart on center. as fara as attaching the wire to the post is it better to use staples or to do the screw and washer method?
My run was 5 ft on one side and 6 and the other. I used 60 in and 72 inch 1x2 14 Ga gal. after weld wire. My postd were 8 foot apart, and I used U nails or staples that are used on barbed wire fences, They worked very well for me. Screws and washers would be just as good I am sure. When I secured the roof wire, and the wire I burried, I connected the edges odf the wire with rabbit cage clips that you can buy at a farm store or probably at TSC as well. You get the plier that does it, and it was strong enough at the joints to hold my weight. I actually put sand in it thru the wire roof with my tractor loader, and it is a very strong clip. I did the clips every couple inches. Here is a pic that will explain what I just tried to,LOL Here is the wall being put up......
... Before the wall with the trenches dug for the wire to go down into.........
, and the wall attached to the ceiling with the clips. They flushed at the seems and are really strong....
. and the finaly......

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