attack button!


10 Years
Jun 23, 2009
western mass
So, I have one button that is about three months old. He was very friendly and always let me pick him up, probably because he was alone for a little while. I have some 5week olds in with him, and they have been together for about two weeks already. The little guys are pretty jumpy around me, but that is expected.
The past few days that I've put my hand in to get water/food the older button has tried to attack me! Even when I go up to the cage to talk to them, he comes over and starts pecking at me. I don't know what his problem is! Is it because the little ones are reaching sexual maturity? Any ideas?
I don't know anything about quail, I just had to shar the giggle you gave me. When I saw the title, I pictured a red button that would cause some sort of attack when pushed (kind of like in the movies where the president has a button to push to launch the bomb) lol
Hahahaha, glad I was able to give you a laugh!

I'll tell you though, this little guy gives me a laugh when he attacks me. I dont think he realizes how big I am... or how small he is.

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