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    May 10, 2012
    The flock was crazy this morning at 5 so I went out to let them out, didn't see anything in the coop so I just opened the door. They all jumped out. I noticed one wasn't in there but sometimes they sleep in different areas. About 5 hours later I went outside and saw one of the hens laying on the ground. I thought she was dead but got close and she was barely alive. Labored breathing and not really responsive. I brought her in and she had bad wounds on her back. I was still missing one he. And my daughter found her. She was dead but didn't have a severe wounds. Both hens are our oldest. I have no idea what happened. I assume something had gotten in the coop and that's why they were all going nuts. Here's a picture of the wounds on the one that is still alive. [​IMG]
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    The fact that they were going crazy would make me think there was a predator harassing them. I would definitely set up a live-trap in the hopes of catching whatever is preying on your flock because whatever it is will certainly be back for more.

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