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I don't know what's going on but my RIR has started attacking! I don't know what to do. I go out there everyday to let them out of the coop so they can free range all day and lately she's has seemed a bit aggressive. At first, I just took it as her being nosey and kind of looking for a treat. She started by pecking at my toes while I would change their water and tend to the coop. This morning I went to let them out and as soon as I open the door she flew at me and started attacking my feet. She even drew blood! This is a huge problem. I have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old who like to help me tend to the chickens and I can not let them go out there while she is acing like this. I got her around Easter time. Is this something they do right before they start laying? Is there anyway I can "show her who's boss"? I'm new to chickens and am completely clueless! I have 2 now and got 5 more in the mail today
. I'm afraid she might eat them or something when the time comes to put them together. Please help!
Is this something they do right before they start laying?
I have never had a hen attack me ever are you sure she is not a he
Is there anyway I can "show her who's boss"?
Push her down on the ground and hold her there for awhile like you are the head roo or catch her and hold her tightly for a bit and talk roughly to her, my dad just beats them up anytime a roo gets mean, just don't let her get away with it
If she does not stop eat her
Oh and by the way
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Did you get her as a pullet? How old? Is she squatting?

RIR are a little more aggressive (than some other breeds) and I've had them draw blood and I currently have a bruise on my arm from them pecking me. LOL I gently tap them on the beak to let them know that its not ok. You are the mother and they know that so its just like disciplining children. Just don't hurt them.

As for new pullets, I would slowly introduce them. Maybe let them free range together until you feel comfortable about letting them be together without supervision.
Yes, I got her as a day old chic. I got her with 2 others, but the 2 others ended up being roosters
. So I had to bring them back because my neighbors would have had a fit. I'm not sire what 'squatting' means. Could you elaborate on that a little? I see her nesting all the time in the big run. And at night she shares a nesting box with our other chicken. I think I might just have to go out there with boots on so she can attack me and see that I don't back down when she does it. She seems fine when I hold her. I think she even like when I pick at her molting feathers. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but it kinda hurts my feelings. LOL. I would still love to hear if others had this problem and how they dealt with it. Oh, I'm positive she's a hen and not a roo.
When you go to grab her does she stand still and squat down. Most of my chick-a-dees wouldn't let me touch them and now every time I reach by them or look at them they squat down. Its rather funny. She thinks you are a roo and that's why they squat, so just let her know you are in charge. She might be getting close to laying. Maybe three weeks to a month. (Depending on you situation)
She definately does not squat when I am near her. Tonight I went to put them up and she charged at me faster than lightning! Good thing I had boots on and a rake in my hand. I don't know what her deal is but she better straighten up!
Some of my birds in years past have done that. Most of my Reds were over the top active and fiesty. I had one evil big BSL rooster that met a silent fox dinner end who charged at me but hit a board shield I carried. Try isolating the bird for a day in a seperate pen or carrier or crate with food and water. add a day or two if one doesn't do it. My disfunctional birds usually benefit from a time out. Good luck.
I have a 6 month old australorp pullet that is doing the same thing to me. Many folks want to jump on the "it's a rooster thing" band wagon, but girls can do this sort of thing too. My "Pearl" has bitten and drawn blood a few times. I have held her to the ground, tapped her head with my finger, locked her in the coop for an entire day, put her in chicken jail for a week, shoved her around, and still she comes after me. I recently ordered some pinless peepers for her because the next time she bites me, she is going to be sporting peeper glasses from now on. Good luck with your girl.

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