Attack of the Pekins!!


May 16, 2016
We have 7 chickens. 1 black sex link (nugget) 1 arucana (patty) 3 buff Orpingtons, 1 leghorn (sour cream) and 1 cuckoo maran (cuckoo). We also have 2 pekin ducks (Donald and daisy). We believe that they are both female because they haven't gotten their drake feathers yet and they are 3 months almost four months old.

Our two oldest chickens are nugget and patty. Ever since yesterday, daisy and Donald have been chasing them and biting their feathers behind their neck. I'm not sure if the ducks could be drakes and it might be "that time of the year" but the chickens stay on their roost all day now and are afraid to come down.

The chickens and ducks have been together since they were all babies and have loved each other .

Also, i think that when we are not around that they don't attack as much but as soon as we go in the coop, they attack and they do it when they free range too.

I'm just really worried about my girls and don't want them to get hurt especially since they are around laying age now.

Any suggestions/reasons why my ducks might be acting this way?

Also is there any chance that both ducks could be males "doing their thing"?
There is a chance that they could both be males. How do they sound when they quack? Do they both sound low and raspy? If they are drakes and they are trying to mate with your hens you need to separate them ASAP. Because of anatomical differences the mating attempts can seriously injure or even kill the hens. I'd probably separate them either way as it sounds like they are making your hens very unhappy.

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