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Mar 30, 2009
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Twice in one week my 1yr. old golden sebright has attacked.
He is doing his job and just protecting his girls but it is not me
he is attacking but my Mom last Fri., and a lady who stopped for eggs
last night. Is this normal for this breed? Plan on taking off of roost
tonite and well you know, beautiful bird, guards and treats his girls
well, but cannot tolerate this behavior. First time I have had to make
this decision and just needed to vent frustration.
I had a roo like that and used to attack me all the time until one day I decided to try and break him. I went to Walmart and bought a good size water squirt gun. When ever I would go in to see the girls to feed, clean and water, I would carry my gun. When my roo attacked me, he got a few good blasts of water. After about 4 times getting blasted, he stopped and hasn't attacked me in about 6 months.

Might try it. Good luck
I posted a similar question last night... MEAN roo!!!
Didn't get the info on the squirt gun... may have to search my sons room or go to wally-world today.
Anything to keep him from attacking me and the ducks
Does he free range? You might be able to put him back in his place. The sebrights have pretty strong attitudes and can be quite aggressive for their size.

One of my silver sebrights would chase my MIL and SIL quite often. He looked like a roadrunner streaking across the yard after them. He would bump their leg or peck their shoelaces. Now that I have them fenced up all problems are over. Although he has charged my leg once or twice while in the new run. I just threw him like a baseball. The other roosters looked at me with a "We're not with him look".
yes he is allowed to free range- thought about caging him separate, but
didn't know if this would cause him to be more aggressive. lady last night
I had to bandage her leg because he hit a vericose vein her shoe was even full
of blood. Thanks for the suggestions.
yeah you have some friends help you by come in your yard and if he starts for them have them squirt him too he might get the message.

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