Attacked Chicken


Jul 14, 2016
Dallas, TX
Hi everyone,

My poor hens have become victims to a family of foxes. We have captured 3 so far.

Yesterday my favorite hen was attacked. She is not bleeding, has no cuts any where, and seems just fine. The problem is with her feathers. It appears that the feathers on her back were not fully pulled out. She looks like a porcupine.

Do I need to do something to help them heal?
Will they heal, and return back to normal, or is this her new "hair style"

I know they lose feathers during molting, so I am hoping they will return to normal after that.
I think you may need to wait for her to molt and re-grow. My Big Momma managed to evade a coyote last week and is lucky to only have a 2" x 4" naked spot on her back to remind us both of how lucky we were! I would take the porcupine look for a few months lol

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