Attacked Rouen drake not producing oil. PLEASE help

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  1. duckielover707

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    May 14, 2012
    Eureka, CA
    Hi everyone. My less than a year old Rouen drake was recently attacked by some sort of predator. He is eating and drinking now, and is still recovering. A huge chunk of the feathers on the end of his back were ripped out, right between his wings. The rains came and I realized he was preening himself, but is wet and ragged looking. I'm concerned that his oil glands may have been damaged from the attack. If he cannot produce oil any longer I would be heartbroken. Where we live it rains over 75% of the year. He could possibly die from this if I don't see any improvement. Do you guys have any suggestions? I'm very worried. He is a strong boy and I know he is trying to take care of himself, but I'm just not sure of his oil glands are still properly working.
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    Dec 4, 2012
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    his oil glands have probably been damaged like what u said so if he gets so that he can't take care of himself i would say to do him in so he don't suffer anymore cause he would be in a lot of pain from the injury to.

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