Attacks when you're outside?

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    DH is still in the process of finishing the "entire" coop and run. They're only 10-11 weeks so for now, they have access to a fully caged in run area (just isn't as big as it will be when all said and done) In the evenings, while we're outside in the garden and the kids are running around, we've been letting the chickens out to the actual yard. They tend to stick close to us mostly / don't roam off, but occasionally they hang closer near the coop. Has anyone ever had something try to attack them when you're outside? (As in should he be carrying his gun or ?) The garden is in sight of the coop, but it's probably a good 150 feet distance away.

  2. if you are fight by them i don't think anything would try. but hawks attack in daylight
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    Yes, it's certainly possible for wild animals to attack your chickens right in front of you, but a lot depends on where you live and what type of predators you have and the density ratio between wildlife and humans.

    I live where the wildlife outnumber humans, and I had a friend who had a bobcat race in and snatch a hen that was right at her feet.

    I've had a bear nearly flatten me to get to my chickens behind me. Another bear was so intent on trying to get into my run, it didn't even notice me screaming at it. It wasn't until I walked up to it with a big rock and dropped it onto his back that I got his attention and he then ran off.

    Similarly, even in suburban settings, people experience coyotes zipping in right under their noses to snatch a chicken from their yards. Hawks will swoop down while you're watching and kill a chicken.

    Most of the time my chickens are confined to their run protected by hot wire surrounding it. At the moment, they are all out free ranging, but I keep pretty close watch on them.
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    I have been keeping chickens for a long time and have always paid attention to wildlife where it is hard for the latter to just sneak in a grab a bird as I watch. That being said I have too little data to support or refute impacts of my presence on odds a predator will come in. With some predators that are easy to spot such as hawks I make I contact and step into line of sight between hawk and chickens which seems to break off interest in flock.

    Much of this will come down to cover you have that will make so predator can approach undetected. When chickens spot predator they produce alarms myself and dogs respond. In heavy cover settings it is easier for predator approach undetected. With predators I have dealt with personally, I make look directly at them and walk or sometimes even run at that making more noise than needed. Here I am handlily the biggest predator but may sometimes need something like a stick (I use wooden dowel or garden hoe) to give apparent increased reach.

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    The only predator that I've seen while I was out in the yard with the flock is this little Cooper's hawk. But he was more focused on grabbing doves off tge bird feeder.

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