Attention Colorado BYC'ers - Action Needed

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    Lakewood (Colorado) is in the process of changing their zoning laws. Currently, only properties that are zoned as RR or R1A (larger agricultural zoned properties) are allowed to have livestock including Chickens and Bees. R-1 (large properties) are also allowed to have livestock and chickens (but no bees). Everywhere else in Lakewood is not allowed to have any food producing animals. Our property is not allowed to have any chickens while our neighbors across the street have horses and other livestock. It does not make sense.

    Here is a map of the current zoning. (click the map legend in the lower left)
    RR (green), R1A(greener), 1-R (one of the two identical tans!) are the only areas currently allowed to have chickens.

    Luckily, Lakewood is in the process of reviewing their existing zoning laws and creating a whole new version. In this new version we are allowed to have chickens!! In addition we will legally be able to have Bees and even pygmy goats. Albeit only 4 hens (no idea where they came up with this amount).

    This new focus on sustainability is largely influenced by feedback they have received from the public throughout this process.

    There has been some push back. Not everybody agrees on property owners being allowed to responsibly own a couple hens. Many of these comments seem to be driven by the fear that neighbors will have to listen to roosters crow all day long. Many comments seem to be based on ignorance, lack of experience, or a bad past experience.

    Please help Lakewood to understand how important it is to allow us to have chickens on our own property and how responsible we are.

    Please take a couple minutes to leave feedback for the Lakewood zoning here:

    Click here to see the most current version of the proposed zoning:

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