ATTN: Exchequer Leghorn experts. Advice needed!


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Jul 21, 2007
A BYCer was nice enough to give me some Exchequer Leghorns. There are 3 roosters and I would like to keep one. I don't plan on showing but since I have a choice I would like to keep the one that best represents the standard for the breed. I have done some research and from what I read I need to decide what is the "least" of breed faults.

Two have lighter legs (pale beige) and one has yellow legs. Yellow legs are desirable. The yellow legged fellow has a crooked toe. Which of these faults is greater?

I read that the coloring should be evenly divided between black and white. One of the roos has much more black, but he has a comb that has 5 distinct points (from what I read this is desirable). Which is the worst fault?

Is there a difference between the standards in Europe and the U.S.? The best info I could find what from a site in the UK.

Thanks for any help/advice/opinions you can offer.
I'm pretty sure that most of the time crooked toes is a result of incubating, and not necesarily genetics...

knowing my luck, and not how many hens you have, but I would likely keep all 3 if I were you...
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I only have 4 pullets, so I don't want to keep more than one roo. I'm keeping them in their own little "sub-flock" away from the others, although I wish I could keep two!
Thanks for all the good advice. I really wanted to keep the yellow-legged one because he seems to be the most docile.
I'll post some pics in the next few days. You guys may see something that I didn't notice since I'm not that familiar with the breed.
You can keep two males with 4 pullets... It would be worth keeping an extra if possible.
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I agree with whoever said look at type first then color. Color is much easier to breed for than the exchequer type, therefore you want the birds that represent type first.

Pale legs is definitely worse, like the other person said crooked toes are most likely a result from hatching not genetics. Pale legs is hard to breed out but can be done, it requires outbreeding but it's possible if you're looking to put in the work.

In regards to the roo with a lot of black; most often times birds will lighten up in color in their 2nd year. They may not be what you're looking for now, but they could be the ideal patterning in the future. Also, birds tend to throw progeny lighter than themselves. So it's kind of a coin toss. Take into account that bad combs could be the result of frostbite or injury during a fight, if possible find out if the roo was born like that or had an injury which made his comb bad.

Unfortunately, Exchequers are not recognized by the US as a breed variety, but they are in the UK. As far as type goes, the US leghorn standard should be similar to the UK standard for the exchequer. Because of this, I would go with whatever you found for a site in the UK. You can also go the Leghorn Club website and look at some history for the Exchequer.

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