Auction 12+ Lavender Orpington Hatching Eggs Hink JC Line Ends 5/26/12 at 10:00pm EST


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This Auction is for 12+ of our Lavender Orpington hatching eggs. These are from the Hink JC 5th generation. Shipping is $13.85 which covers postage and packaging and payment is expected within 24 hrs of the auctions end. These are very large beautiful birds and our hens which are 8 months are giving us 6-7 eggs per week each and fertility has been 100%. We have an excellent hatch rate with our eggs and we will be shipping you fresh eggs less than 72 hours old when they are shipped. We cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to weather, rough handling by the post office, etc. but we do guarantee fresh, fertile eggs and they will be packaged carefully and professionally. Each egg is wrapped in two feet of bubble wrap and there is also a protective layer of rolled bubble wrap between the wrapped eggs and the side of the box. Please put the amount you bid in a post for this auction rather than sending me a private message. Also please bid in increments of $1.00 or more. My paypal address for payment is [email protected]. Thanks again for looking at my auction and God Bless.
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Bid with confidence! I won the last auction and was sent extra- extras! I did first check and out of all the eggs sent....only one checked clear.
My bator is almost full right now is the ONLY reason I've not placed a bid. If you're looking for quality... don't hesitate. I just might "steal" these eggs from you!!!
I'll play! $18.00
Thank you for the compliment Crystal. It sounds like you will be having quite a few lavenders running around in 10 or 12 more days. I will be mailing these eggs out first thing Tuesday morning. There will be at least 15 for sure.
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