~Auction~+6 Pure Coronation Sussex Hatching Eggs-GreenFire Lines-NPIP!!


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Up for auction are 6+ pure Coronation Sussex eggs which have GreenFire lines in them. You will end up with no splits from these eggs. Extra eggs will be sent if available at the time. These huge birds weighing 6-8 pounds are very docile and would be great for pets although they are show quality. The roosters look amazing with their light blue mane and tail feathers and their bright red combs and wattles. The hens as well have blue in their neck and tail feathers and will lay a mid sized egg that is a light brown color. All of my birds on my farm are NPIP certified and AI free. To bid simply post a reply do not PM must be in $1 incriments.

We ship eggs only on Mondays and Tuesdays after the auction closes that way they do not sit over weekend in shipping. These eggs will be shipped USPS Priority for $15. The eggs will be packaged in a Styrofoam 18 egg carton filled with sawdust completely, then taped very tightly shut, then the whole box will get filled with sawdust and taped shut. This method has worked good for us so far as we have shipped from Ohio to California without any eggs breaking.

Payment is through PayPal online transactions only to [email protected] . The highest bidder will pay the shipping and the price the auction ends at. Thanks for checking the auction out. For more info on our breeds PM me or visit diversifiedshowbirds.com. This auction ends on 1/14/12 unless a $30 bid is reached before auction closes.

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