AUCTION Blue Copper/Black Copper Marans Hatching eggs - 10+


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This Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on1/15 and will ship week of 1/16 (remember Monday is postal holiday).Auction begins with $18 & bid increments are $.50. Do not pm to me but reply to this listing. Postage is $17.50 and is Priority mail. Please subscribe to this listing to keep up to date with the bids. Eggs may be picked up at the farm if scheduled. 10+ eggs means minimum of 10 eggs and more added if available the day of shipping.

If all the ladies lay equally, you should expect roughly 70% Blue Copper Marans and 30% Splash Copper Marans. We have done fertility tests Please remember that blue x splash will yield both blue copper and splash copper marans.Pen represents Bev Davis and Wade Jeane and also our own Garry farm lineage. More pics:

More information about our full time farm and our philosophy is available at our website
or facebook Happy Bidding from The Garry Farm​
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Sorry, I sent you a message, but at least there was some good news on your last eggs I got from you! :)
Congratulations CBreezeRentals, you won this listing.... I have sent you the details of payment in a pm. Looking forward to packing your eggs and thank you! Nancy

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