Auction posting showing the wrong amount?

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    Okay, I relisted, changing a former - "buy" at $20 to an auction. It shows $20 which was the old purchase price in the listing title..... It should not be there.

    The current bid is $13.50 and I think it should be showing $13.50 in the listing sheet but it doesn't

    What can I do to correct this?

    Can a listing to buy not be relisted as an "auction"?

    Please advise and thanks!
  2. Nifty-Chicken

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    Unfortunately there is a bug with resisting one listing type into another. It is on our todo list to fix.
  3. Hi! I've had that happen before. "Re-list" doesn't always recognize edits to 'the top part' for some reason.

    Now that I know it's an issue...
    Instead of just clicking 'relist', if I want to change something in the 'top part' of the listing, I click 'edit' instead if 'relist'. I copy from edit (to get my coded image urls and links) and open a new listing.
    And re-type the 'new pricing / details'.
    For future reference, if a listing just posts wrong: click report and ask a moderator to fix/delete it. Then repost your listing.
    We have the swellest group of problem-solvers here.

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