Augusta Maine Sept 10th and 11th TSC (post swap feedback needed)


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the Augusta Tractor supply on civic center drive with be the site of 2 back to back events.
On Sept 10th- out there with animals- open to all animals but mostly farm animals- not sure of the time but suspect 8:30-?
and Sept 11th- Poultry Swap 8:30-12
Poultry are welcome on both days not just sunday. they hope to have mulitple special interest groups, a horse rescue, a goat farm were currently lined up.
so who is coming and what are you brings (and if you are only planning on attending on one day, which day is that?)
Time is confirmed 8:30- 2:00 for saturday and sunday (longer if vendors want to stay)
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I'll try to convince the hubby to go! If we attend it would be saturday! I will keep you posted if we are comming for sure or not. Is it an animals only event or can we bring vegetables and soaps?
it is "out there with animals" but I'd think everything (veggies/ soap) would be fine on saturday (or sunday too)
I forgot to add my list of what I am bringing.
I will have a stained glass stepping stone

this one is sold but I can always make you one. I design all these myself, can do most any breed and that includes pets too. they are available with or without print on the stone. I also design and create carved emu eggs. These are naturally greenish to blackish in color- they are not dyed.
I will be bringing with me unless already sold: 1 black silkie (carries frizzle gene but looks almost 100% silkie), 1 white silkie- both are 8 weeks old on swap day. 3 wyandottes, 1 white pullet, 2 cockerals- 1 white, 1 splash.
pm me if interested in any of my items, I am willing to pre-sell any of these



thank you.
I have more posted on my about me page. I do custom work so those posted have been sold already but i'm going to make some generic chicken ones to sell.
here is one of the silkies I will be bringing.

I will also have a white from the same hatch date.

this is the white wyandotte I'm bringing (It's older now)

as well as 2 that about this age in the photo.
I might be going, If I do I will be bringing a 2 side wooden handmade bunny coop, some silver spangled hamburg chickens, silver laced wyandotte, buff orpington, 2 rabbits, possibly some other stuff!
I had someone inquire about bob white quail and quail in general if anyone is bringing any, please post them up and what day you plan to go.

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