AUREOMYCIN feed mana pro


Apr 19, 2015
I've read the bag and searched the Internet and I only see a it says do not feed to turkey's or ducks laying eggs for human consumption. I don't see a withdraw period for laying hens. Is there no withdraw period for chickens? I'm just curious incase I should need this product in the future.
Aureomycin is a tetracycline drug. When it is added to the feed, it doesn't require an egg withdrawal period, only a 7 day withdrawal for the meat. When you use straight Aureomycin or other tetracycline drugs (not in the feed) most people use a 21 day withdrawal time for eggs. Here are 2 good articles to read, the first about the type you have used, and the second about straight Aureomycin:
Thank you so much! I just love how helpful everyone is on this site!

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