Aussie chooks in the burbs


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Sep 15, 2013
Hi everyone, I live in the suburbs of Sydney Australia, I decided I wanted to have my own backyard chickens. I have 3 hens and 2 chicks, the chicks have been separated. No one i know has any and some of my friends think i am a bit weird for keeping chickens, others wish they could. When I bought them I found some really good facts about chickens from your sight and decided to join. I read today how much they like yoghurt so I gave them some and they loved it, will keep on reading for tips because I just love my chickens.
Welcome to BYC
You'll find other Aussie chicken lovers here:

Enjoy the site!
Hi and :welcome

from Adelaide. Great to see more Aussies join up :D
Good luck with your chickens! We feed ours yoghurt too - it's a favourite...

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