Australian Newbie Hen Dawn saying Gidday!


In the Brooder
Aug 9, 2021
Hi from Dawn in Electra Queensland Australia!
So glad I found this helpful site!
I don’t feel so helpless and alone in my chicken kingdom when I can post a question or read a forum.
My flock consists of 4 Barnevelders and 1 Wyandotte Rooster I call Frank the bodyguard.
I am only 5 months into this life with these wonderful birds that give me so much pleasure just watching them.
I have had my share of dramas but gotten on with it…albeit sad and grief stricken but determined to be fully informed for what may come next.
It’s late atm so I will just complete my intro to the group and return tomorrow to post a question to the group.
Thankyou one and all for being available to this lone hen who def needs any assistance offered here.

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