Qusba coop

Dec 17, 2020
Hi all! I just wanted to suggest australorps if you are thinking of getting chickens. I have one and she is the sweetest (she jumps up on my lap and then burrows her head into my jacket and she always comes running when I call her name). I don’t think her personality is solely due to her breed. Every evening I would lay her on my chest and cozy her up in my shirt so it was dark and she was warm. Every since, Bugsy has always wanted to be on my lap and sleep in my arms. I definitely suggest the australorps and they produce eggs very early!!!
Hi :frow welcome to BYC! Please introduce yourself in the New Members section, folks will be happy to greet you there. Your Aussie is lovely. I got some back in March and I really like them, too, although mine are not lap chickens. I also have Easter Eggers, nice friendly birds all!

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