Australorp 4 months old and still barely any comb/wattle but all others have them??


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Jun 27, 2017
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My Coop
So I have 5 Aussies. 2 are 4.5 months and the other 3 are 4 months. I also have a Jersey Giant that get into the Aussie box :rolleyes:
ALL, including the Jersey, have Large Red combs and wattles. The 2 older ones just started to lay last week and this week. Others are starting to squat.
But this one lone girl still barley has a comb or wattle. You would think she was about 2- 2.5 months old with the size. They just have not been growing.
She was the biggest of ALL the chicks and she looks/size the same as the rest.
Yes she is Aussie, whitish feet & skin, no yellow anywhere so she's not a jersey.
She is very submissive but eats/roosts/hangs out with the rest so no issues on the food. Although sometimes she just waits till they all start to eat first then joins in. I think just so she doesn't get bumped out.

Anyone ever seen this?
One of my two orps is like your Aussie - she has a tiny comb with barely any wattles, while the other has a big comb and wattles. They're both around 4 months and neither has started to lay just yet, though both hens' combs are getting pretty red. Mine has no issues with eating either and she's the same size as the other orp. I keep worrying about it, but I think maybe she's just maturing a bit slower...
Or maybe she'll just end up having a smaller comb and wattles lol. 🤷‍♀️

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