Australorp not laying-- problem? (newbie here)

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    Sep 12, 2007
    My 2 Americaunas are laying an egg a day or every other day, and I couldn't be happier-- but my third and last hen, a Black Australorp, has not laid an egg since we got her-- almost 2 weeks ago. This bird is full grown and is supposed to be a couple of years old (the Americaunas are about a year old). She may be finishing up a molt according to the lady who sold her to us. How long can a hen go without laying an egg? I swear we put the Americaunas in the coop with the nest box and they laid eggs within the hour-- but two weeks later and not a single brown egg from the Australorp.

    What's her problem? Is it something I'm doing wrong? How long can a hen go without laying an egg? Do hens quit laying eggs after a couple of years? I thought perhaps they might not lay as frequently, but two weeks?

    The lady who sold her to us is willing to exchange her for another bird who might do a better job laying-- which is awfully nice of her. She said give the hen another week-- which we are, of course. But, here's my second question--

    Would someone look at the Chick-n-coop and the Chick-n-pen at McMurray's and tell me-- is that really big enough for 3 hens? It looks to me like it may be more comfortable for 2-- what do you think? If only two, guess which one is going back...

    Advice appreciated.
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    Sometimes it takes hens awhile to lay if they have new surroundings....I've had new hens not lay for a month before they settled into the egg laying...

    Some stress out more than others and that can stop them laying til they are more coop, new nest box...she will lay when she feels safe....

    If I remember right those coops can handle more then 2 hens....

    don't give up on her just yet...give her time....
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