Australorp or something else?


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Jun 10, 2017
A while ago I bought two Australorp pullets from Runnings. From the start one looked different than the pictures I had seen, and it still look different today at about 8 weeks. It's had much different facial markings. Here are the pictures I have which are somewhat limited especially from when they were young:

This was the typical looking one above.

This was the different one. It had a white belly and bottom with a little white on the wings.

The two front chickens who are mostly black are the australorps at 8 weeks. On the left is the different one- now it has black eyes, beak, and everything else except for a little white that can be seen at the tip as it unfolds its wings. The other still has white facial markings.

I also find that the fully black one is a little more aggressive and surprisingly friendly. It doesn't seem to get spooked at all. Does anyone know if it is a different breed, sex, or is just different for some reason?


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Sorry but your pictures are too small. Can you upload them as FULL images instead of thumbnails.

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