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Jun 24, 2010
I have seen many threads about many types of chickens. There are so many beautiful ones, but my heart is really soft for my black australorps. We have tried many other varieties and I do love the pretty colors of other birds and feathered feet on the cochins. I have just found my black australorps to be sooo beautiful and their personality is just great. Does anyone else feel this way? I noticed some of my ladies have dark eyes, almost black and some have light brown eyes. Are there differant varieties of australorps? Would love to learn more about them.
I have to agree with you. My Australorps are so sweet. They never cause any trouble and they love to have their feathers rubbed.
I have not been able to get them to go broody yet, but bless their hearts they gave it a good shot. Will try again later.
These make great starter birds.
I've got 5 austras of my own, and I think its just the teenager phase, but they don't seem to keen on my affection right now. haha but I absolutely do love the beautiful green shine of their feathers! And I'm hoping for a broody or two when they get older. Very pretty and sweet birds.
I miss my beloved Matilda, an Australorp. She was friendly, talkative, inquisitive, and beautiful. She was one month shy of a year when she died.

I have another BA now, not yet laying. Her name is Molly. She's equally as friendly and inquisitive. She hasn't developed a comb or wattles nor has she fluffed up all pretty yet - she's still pretty much a lean "teen" pullet.
Funny you all are wishing for broodies. I have only had two BA and both have gone broody! I currently have one with 5 chicks and she went broody at 7 months old!
She is a wonderful mom and I wish you all luck with your lorps.
We bought an Australorp hen at auction, I don't know how old she was. She was a beautiful bird, when we got her she had a bare bottom (hard to see in a box) and she just thrived. She was a great foster mum to our campine chicks. I swear Blackie used to talk to me, she would look you right in the eye and cluck away. Before we had a rooster she used to look out for the wild birds and dangers. Unfortunately she was taken by a fox a couple of weeks ago.

I think I will get some more of these at some point, but I already have two chook pens to build, with chicks and eggs in the incubator.

Still missing Blackie
Oh I am so glad I read this thread... I am so in love with my Isa Brown ladies- but sadly HATE that the boys are put in the grinder at an hour old because they are "useless" agh... So I have decided to stop supporting that breed :-(

So, I talked with my daughters (who are 9 and 7 and run the little farm) and it was suggested to look at the black australorps over the BRs. So, we decided to go with the BA and I have 30 straight run coming on Dec. 4th and picking up 10-15 hens that will be laying shortly next week. Very excited, and now my heart feels a bit better giving up any more Isa's and going with the BA!
Our two Australorp chicks are the freindlist of the 11 we purchased. My son runs his "chicken farm" and the lorps watch his every move and want to be sitting on him whenever they can. I'm hoping is a trait of the breed??
My 4 weeks old BA is the friendliest bird, but also somewhat rough around the edge (could be because it's a boy : ( ). My close second favorite is a buff orphington. She is very loving and gentle bird, and I love how soft her feathers are when I hold her. She feels the softest out of all 7 breeds of birds I have, including Silkies. The BA practically goes berserk when I'm close by trying to come near me, and loves to snuggle with its eyes closed. I will be terribly sad when I have to give it up when it starts to crow, but I'm really hoping that it'll lay eggs...
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