Author looking for input (re: BOSS, seed/feed mix, & mealworms)


May 23, 2015
Hi. Letting you know upfront, that I don't raise chickens, but the main character in my story does. Hoping I could get some help answering a few of my questions.

(This story is science fiction, so I have some leniency in whether things like this would happen in the real world.

1. Black Oil Sunflower Seeds/eating birdseed or feed - Are they any foods given to chickens that a chicken owner might also nibble on as he throws it into the yard? (The character is an artificial life form so it doesn't have to taste wonderful, or be something you yourself would eat.)

2. Pretend that pre-mixed feed from the feed store doesn't exist, if you had to make your own feed, what ingredients would you put in?

3. Okay gross, but I am thinking that one of the characters will snack on the meal worms. I know it would be kind of yucky, but could they be tossed like feed into the chicken yard?

4. I read a post here where someone said to keep the chickens from getting into the water other than for drinking, they put it in a bucket and hang it from the roof, one foot up from the ground. So if I had my character lower the bucket from a rope attached to a tree, it would be the same concept?

Thank you! I really appreciate your input!


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
Temecula, ca
1. Sunflower seeds, any type of berries (mine get the greens tops of strawberries from my kids), peanuts, watermelon, bananas, sweet peas (kids eat the peas and give chickens the outside shell
3. Chickens absolutely would love mealworms thrown into the yard
4. Yes

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