Auto Egg Turner DIY kit for hatchaholics.

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    Jan 2, 2017
    Wanna share a diy kit I have recently put together.

    From hatching 20 eggs to now 70 plus at a time, egg collecting and daily egg turning prior to incubation was getting to be quite a task!

    Since we are doing business with China, I have managed to put this kit together with our own custom firmware for the timer system in order to have the parameters to control the egg turning.

    The egg tray comes is two types, one for for chickens (larger holder) other for quails (smaller holder).

    The egg holder trays assembly comes all loose and flat packed to reduce shipping cost.

    Shipping is from our warehouse in a China.

    This is just a project I did which turned out well and thought to make it available.

    Our field of business is Drones, UAV, R/C aircrafts and lithium batteries technology.

    This DIY is powered by 12v DC making it a safe for all vs Ac 110v/220v power.

    Use any 12v wall adaptor or a car battery..

    Even 6v will work.

    I will get some pricing soon for those interested.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy the video. (quite lengthy).
    Love to hear your feedback/thoughts on this.


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