Auto-Sexing Breeds Help


5 Years
Jun 21, 2014
Howdy, everyone! I am trying to get together a list of auto-sexing chicken breeds that are APA registered. I am hoping to use the list to find a breed that is easy to find, good for show, and that I can be certain the gender of. I know that coloring can determine gender and so can feather development. It is great to be sure that I won't have to change any of the "girls" names in a few months!
Thanks for the help!

I think the only auto-sexing breed recognized by the APA is Welsummer. Hatchery Welsummers aren't usually auto-sexing though. To maintain the auto-sexing characteristics, breeding must be done in a very selective, careful manner, and hatcheries just don't bother.
For truly auto-sexing birds, you'll need to do some research into finding good breeders.

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