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10 Years
Aug 19, 2009
hi all, im looking for a relatively inexpensive auto watering unit (need for 8-10 pens) and was looking at the "low pressure watering system", as advertised here on mcmurrays website...

anyone have any feedback on this item? for the price it seems great, i could get 2 of them and have 10 watering bowls that will re-fill (such a lovely thought). also wondering if this would work when the temp gets below 0, i wouldnt want it to freeze and crack (as it looks plastic).

or might i be better off going with this style (more costly, but i need this to work and last) as i beleave they are metal (the ones i have seen in person were)
oooh that is a neat one, i wonder how long the hose is for the 10 cup pack? my runs are outdoors and span a 20X40' space, i would need a waterer in each of the 8-10 pens (8-10 depending on if i break up my big one into several smaller ones)
The kits are for cages, but you could buy extra hose from HomeDepot or Lowes. I plan on runing water from a central tank (approx 30 gallons) with 1/2" pvc to get it to the runs/coops and then use the hoses provided. I am going to use a float in the tank and let if gravity feed the cups. Using this metod will allow me to medicate the birds via water if needed. I may have it set up both ways (gravity and tap) in the even I need a backup, it would be easy to do with a couple of valves and pipe.
i found out i actually have a bunch of 6' long industrial metal chicken waterers (our farm used to be a chicken farm), they are however missing the float valves, what kind of float valve could i use to replace them?

mcmurray has this style float valve...but my troughs are just V shaped metal lengths so im not sure if they would work?
Just built a waterer, used a five gallon bucket, a two foot piece of garden hose and a $9 water trough float valve. I presently have it hooked to my home water system 30 to 40 PSIG. It could be hooked to a low pressure or gravity system.

I had the bucket and hose on hand, I bought the float valve. Total cost was $10. Figure if you got to buy a $5 bucket and a cheap hose it would run the price to $20 each.

I will take a few pictures in the morning.
None of the drinkers that are shown in the links listed above will survive 0 deg F.
I know of no pressurized system ( 4" wc to 60psi) that does not have components that will withstand zero temperatures.
will any plastic componenets crack/break if the temp dips below 0 or will it just freeze and not function while its frozen? i have no problem carting water out while the temp is under 0 (which is maybe a few days here and there, up to 2 weeks at worst) i just dont want to break whichever waterer i go with (could unhook system when its supposed to get below 0 as well as a precaution).
True, for me its not an issue. Coastal California seldom freezes and NEVER gets -0. Or I wouldn't live here. When it dips to the 20's, it only lasts a couple hours, by the time the sun is up, the temp rises quick.
I have the king bowl system and I only had it for a couple of months. Its better than carring water and works great so far I just took a piece of angle iron and hung it from the ceiling. The other type a buddy has and he said that u have to keep them level and the pressure regulater is a regulater off a gas grill. Hope that helps.

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