automatic coop door on a deer feeder timer

ranjos hens

5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
Mount Pleasant
Hi, newbie here, we are building our coop currently and putting our door under the coop floor. This door would slide to the right to open and left to close. I am attempting to find a solution to ensure we can have a automatic door on this. Everything I have seen so far offers only gulatine doors. I saw where some are using a deer feeder, how would this work and would we need additional items such as the add a motor? I am attempting to keep it as cheap as possible. We live in a neighborhood, the coop will be inside of a dog pen/run but we are sectioning off a area solely for the chickens. This way any dog or other animal would have to breach 2 areas to access our chickens. But to ensure their safety and happiness my husband feels a automatic door is necessary. We like to sleep in lol. Anyways thanks for any tips.

New mom to 4 tetra tints, 5 weeks old yikes!

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