Automatic Waterer Leak


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May 27, 2020
We built a PVC feeder and waterer. Despite trying numerous configurations and attempts, sealants, cement, clue and caulk...the thing still leaks! Any suggestions or what works for you guys? We have 4" Pipe that runs into a 2" and is joined with a 90 and a reducer... the reducer is where it continues to drip from.


May 4, 2021
Have you made an automatic animal drinker? Great idea! My parents often complain that water at animals gets dirty quickly. And if it is constantly circulating, it will save it from contamination. Please tell me about the design of the drinker. Maybe my husband and I can do something like this for our parents ' animals in the village. And as for the leak, consult with the plumber. Maybe you have misconnected something. I was pleased with the work of the plumber who cleaned our pipe last week. You may even know this company; Wilco Plumbing is the plumber of choice. I hope you find the cause of the leak.


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May 31, 2015
North Wales, UK
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Not sure where you're based, but in the UK you can get two almost identical types of pipe that use either compression or push fit fittings and although the pipes look the same, the fittings aren't compatible.
Jun 12, 2017
Real world experience here from when I worked construction: PVC pipe needs primed and glued properly to prevent leaks. Every single joint (male and female sides) needs to be primed (allowed to dry a few minutes) and glue applied to both the pipe and coupler.

Anything that is threaded into a pvc fitting needs a few wraps of pipe tape (Teflon thread tape). I have made several 5 gal waters with food grade 5 gal buckets and horizontal nipples, after the appropriate size holes are drilled in the bucket I add a few wraps of pipe tape to the threads of the nipple and screw into the hole. No leaks yet in 4 years. If your holes for the nipple is too large, the tape may not be enough and caulk will be required. Allow all joints, glue, and or caulk to fully dry and cure before adding water.

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