Automatic watering for my Quail???? need advice

I would get one of these from Kullas. That is a very good price. I will have some before long that there is no need for the cup but these are cheaper then I will be selling them.
Really looking for tubing tybe setups.... I have looked at them from this gentleman and it is indeed a good price but not really what i am lookking for...
If You Are Dead Set On Tubing Auto Watering System Go To Gqf And Get Theirs--- Way Cheaper And They Work--- I Can Attest To That I Have 1 Of Their Systems In A Breeder Pen And Have Had For Several Years (the Same System) Mine Uses The Small Red Cups With Individual Float Valves In The Cup--- You Can Get A Set Of 5 Or 6 For The Price Of 1 Of The Type You Listed In Your Opening Question.... Mine Are Gravity Feed From A 5 Gal Bucket Mounted Over The Pen And Plumbed With Tubing...
OK. I use something similar & think these are the best. I will be setting mine up to be fully automatic. So I I have to do is walk by & give the valve a flip to make sure it is working. Maybe a look inside to see if it needs cleaned once a month.
I don't know how to paint the picture so everyone will know what I'm thinking so I will take some pictures when I'm done so others can build it if they like.

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